Outlook Automation In C++

for people with no MFC background.

first off lemme make this clear that this requires visualc++ (i'm using visual studio 6.0 and i'm not sure how backwards or forwards compatible this is, but it works here and now)
These few pages were put together after an intense period of coding OLE Automation over parts of the summer of 99 using MS winNT4(sp4..i think) & MS Visual Studio 6.0 (visualc++). I found volumes of information on Automating Outlook with VBA and VB .. but either none at all or next to none on Automating Outlook in C++. This information is all pieced together from wwweb examples, MSDN VB examples, MSDN C++ examples for MSWord and MSExcel, my own experimentation, and help from my peers(I don't recall any .. but in case I recieved help.. I should acknowledge it.) [be aware.. a month ago I had never written a single line of MS-specific code. (only java and C/C++ w/ std libs.)]

I hope this helps you, but as it's provided for free, and to contribute to the simplicity of life, I cant claim responsibility for whatever silly or stupid things people may do with this stuff. I ask that it only be used to further aid people and never for destructive purposes. I also can't guarantee it won't cause damage in it's current state, I feel that it shouldn't and wouldn't but as I don't have your system or the code you integrate this into in front of me, I can't be sure.
If you would like to reach me with questions, problems, or for help please contact me via email ole@yitz.com